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Back to School giveaway

Westside Community Care are excited to help support up to 250 families in the Greater Springfield area send their children back to school in 2024. We are now taking applications for assistance.

If you have school aged children (from Prep to Year 12), and you need assistance, use this form to tell us what you need. We will be providing:

  • Second-hand laptops

  • $30-$50 vouchers to Officeworks and Big W

  • Donated school supplies and stationery

Pick up of resources will be available on Friday 19th January, at the Camira Springfield Community Centre (389 Old Logan Rd, Camira), between 8.00am and 11.00am.

Back to School haircuts

Westside Community Care will be giving away free haircuts from professional haircuts on
Saturday 20th January, from 8.00am to 11.00am at Camira Springfield Community Centre

(389 Old Logan Rd, Camira) 

This opportunity is limited in quantity and is specifically for families who cannot afford to get their children's hair cut. 

  • School aged children only.

  • Basic haircuts only.

  • Donations welcome, but not essential.

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