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Who we are


Our mission is that everyone in our community would know that they are not alone and that someone cares. Our belief is that everyone could be that person for someone else.

Westside Community Care is a not-for-profit charity that has been supporting the Greater Springfield community and surrounding areas since 1997. We seek to offer essential, practical and social support to anyone in need in our community. We partner with government, business, churches, community organisations and a growing network of volunteers to multiply benefits to the community.

Our objectives:

  1. Equip and enable individuals through education, training and counseling to develop a robust and resilient community

  2. Provide Essential Support to those in need according to WCC constitution

  3. Link our practical care clients with education, training or counseling opportunities

  4. Expand partnering opportunities with government and business to grow WCC services to the community

  5. Improve Volunteer Networks to increase WCC activities

  6. Grow income to operate at a break-even budget whilst expanding care and services

  7. Promote WCC activities for maximum reach into the Greater Springfield and surrounding community

  8. Engender positive rapport with all clients and partners to leave a caring legacy.

Our values:

  1. We respect and care for every individual

  2. We see potential and hope in every client

  3. We act with fairness, compassion towards every client

  4. We show, passion, enthusiasm and dedication in everything

  5. Teamwork and Collaboration is important to us

  6. We handle resources with integrity and accountability

Our principles:

  1. We are Trustworthy
    We make every endeavour to ensure that our clients, partners and volunteers see us as dependable and competent in providing quality service

  2. We are Proactive
    We are pioneering leaders that provide care and growth opportunities to improve life circumstances in new ways.

  3. We think Win-Win Solutions
    Activities directed at sustainable growth and increase in value for the long-term safeguarding of WCC. We nurture the WCC brand and continually benchmark us against services and needs in the community.

  4. We Synergise
    We seek creative co-operation and collaborative relationships with clients, partner and volunteers

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