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DV support

Westside Community Care seeks to support victims of domestic violence in the local community through a range of services:

  • free food parcels (ongoing as needed)

  • free legal advice and tax advice

  • free safe phones and sim cards

  • subsidised counselling

  • free pastoral prayer and guidance (if desired)

  • access to our Westside Community Care Network on Facebook to obtain (anonymously) other wide and varied support as needed (for example, donations of household items, goods and services)

  • fuel vouchers

  • one-off contributions toward rent/ moving costs

  • community engagement opportunities with others on their recovery journey out of DV 

    • for example​, we have 3 ladies support groups and one men's group. Additionally, with our food giveaways 5 days a week comes lots of opportunities for community members to connect and develop therapeutic relationships with staff and volunteers

  • free of charge Circuit Breaker course, breaking the cycle of DV, including both potential victims and perpetrators 

  • referral to other organisations such as DVAC and GEMs


To access support, please contact Ps Phil on 0411 021153 or email

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